Monday, October 8, 2012

penny pincher

i only read one fashion blog, the daybook.
this weekend i upped that number to 2.

i found penny pincher fashion saturday morning and i read back months soaking it all in. i love it when that happens.

she's a stay at home mama, and a contributor to lucky.
that's actually how i found her blog, i was reading the new lucky and loved her outfit and followed over to her blog.

the best part is the 'penny pincher' part.
she and i have the same feelings towards clothes....

i hate paying tons of money for clothes.
i'd rather spend tons of money on my house.
that's just me.

i shop 95% at the local usuals:
target, old navy, f21, hm, gap, and tjmaxx/marshalls.
and some thrift thrown in there.

sure, i splurge, but it's not a habit.
and no one ever seems to be the wiser.
in fact, they always seemed shocked when they ask where i got something and i say target. always baffles me.

i'm not too good for target :)

and neither is this lovely lady:

she and i have very similar fashion opinions, and we agree 100% on the fact that you don't have to spend a ton to look like you did.

i have bookmarked her and will be going back.

head over if you want to be inspired.

hope you had a great weekend.


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