Thursday, October 11, 2012

waylande gregory.

waylande gregory is said to be the greatest ceramicist of our time.
{yes ceramicist is a word, i double checked.}

he was born in kansas and even lived in kansas city for awhile!

my mother in law works in one of my most favorite home stores, ferguson phillips.
unfortunately she and the store are in wichita, but i try to visit each time i go down there.

the last time i was there, i snapped a picture of this little 5 inch shallow bowl.

i love this little spotted feline
and his orange spotted background.

unfortunately he did such amazing work he's super famous, and his pieces are pricey. but i so wish i could bring this one home.

they have lots of his stuff right now.
each insanely beautiful...

modern and vintage and colorful and.... beautiful.

here are some more i found around the internets.

i can't even pick a favorite!!

except it might be that little square spotted plate.
or the gray and gold bird.

or the orange leaopard above.

yep. can't.

what's yours?


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