Friday, October 26, 2012

that bird.

i have become somewhat obsessed with this room.

the lamps. the leopard.
the screen as headboard.
the white walls and neutral curtains.
the blanket and rug.

what i more love is this:

i don't know why but this caught my eye on pinterest and i've been in love ever since.

that duck/goose/bird is my hero and all of a sudden i'm looking for its sister when i'm out... for me. to live at my house.

the flowers are gorgeous (my favorites). that vintage painting, awesome. all of it together. i think it just works.

perfect styling.
but not styled so much that it doesn't look like someone lives there, or gathered all those things on their own through the years.

i found the second image on pinterest and it wasn't until months later that i stumbled upon the shot of the whole room. i told you i loved that bird so i spotted it instantly.

its a room by schuyler sampterton interior design, in west hollywood.

kind of a random friday. my apologies.

but thanks for the birthday texts, emails and the like yesterday.

it was a good day.

i got a new-to-me vintage fur coat. (love.)
a record player!!! and some new records.

actually, a great day, way beyond the gifts.



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