Wednesday, October 24, 2012

target pillows

i ran into target sunday morning for a few things.

while i was there i saw these on clearance:

they were cute.
and wine.
and cheap!

but as much as i loved the wine and cream, i didn't love the bright red piping.
i'd rather it was magenta.

see more of my love affair with wine and magenta here, here and here.

so thanks to target's cheap pillows and the fact that i just might be able,
i'm going to make my own (just how i like em) for my family room.

i found this organic fabric on tonic living.
(love tonic living. have purchased nurmerous times from them.)

organic linen in scarlet.

for the piping, organic cotton in hibiscus.

and for the creamy neutral side, this cotton in 'organic white'.


they'll go swimmingly with these guys i made over here.

target been inspiring you lately?


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