Tuesday, October 2, 2012

it's official.

it's officially official, actually.

i love fall.
everything about it.

all the other bloggers have listed all the good reasons why i love it, so i'll just leave it at that. it's awesome.

(i pulled my car over, put it in park, crawled into the passenger side and stuck my head out the window to get that picture of the yellow leaves. i was awe struck. it was pure gold. i didn't even do any editing. that is 100% pure God's goldness goodness.)

it's also official that my love for polka dots doesn't end at shoes.

read more here.
doing it.

and i am also obsessed with jenny komenda's skills.
she throws color to the wind and it all lands so delicately balanced and charming and lovely in her interiors. this is her mudroom she posted yesterday.

i officially have put her in my list of fearless color-ers, along with miles redd and nick olsen.
those three make me want more. more more more color in my house.
why not?

 i feel like a stalker but i want soo so badly to see her whole house. lonny, jump on it!!

read more here.

so i know it's random, but hey.

happy tuesday.


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