Wednesday, October 10, 2012

it's complicated.

one of my very favorite movies is it's complicated.

{it's nothing new, but i stumbled upon shots of the set yesterday and thought i'd share}

when i was painting my whole wall of built-ins and fireplace (that took weeks...) i had this movie on in the background over and over and over again. it has a great story and characters, but the scenery is even better.

the thing that kills me is that this whole movie is set around merryl streep's house. and she's having a giant kitchen added on by her architect, steve martin.

why? because this one is so awful?

i love this kitchen.

i want to add on to my house for this kitchen!

doesn't look like a movie set at all.
looks like a well loved, well lived-in kitchen.

i'm crazy about it.

thank you, nancy meyers.


{i've already posted about meryl's garden in this movie here.}


  1. Do you KNOW how many times I have had that very.same.thought?!? I am a kitchen and bath designer and I LOVE this kitchen! The set designer is awesome! She also did Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Another amazing kitchen! Uggh. I love it!

  2. i know, nancy meyers is a genius, isn't she? and i'm so glad to hear you love this kitchen, too. its kinda perfectly lived in and just.plain.awesome.