Thursday, March 8, 2012

lady tux.

in the latest lucky i read last night, they had a bunch of hard shell clutches.
or box clutches, or minaudieres. however you'd like to call them.

this one caught my eye.
{i swear it has nothing to do with the lipstick craze i'm stuck in at the moment.}

its a timmy woods wooden clutch.
they've used them on the red carpets for years a la judith leiber, and in sex and the city:

but this lipstick one is so far, my favorite.

my family goes to a black tie charity event and my husband and i get to go every year. there aren't a ton of young people who attend and not to be mean, but the usual black-tie-event-outfits are worn. i try every year to bring a little youth and edge to my outfit. this year i had wanted to wear a lady tux. i didn't find one in time, but it's on the slate for next year!! i think a femme lady tux, with lots of structure, would be bettered by such a sparkly and fun bag.

obvi, i can't afford a judith leiber or a timmy woods... so we'll just have to keep my eye out. there were lots of options in lucky, as i mentioned above.

this below image (with jacket) is how i'm already planning my next year's outfit:

the emersonmade option (love the shoulder pads and cummerbund) wouldn't look too bad with the lipstick clutch, either:

i can always count on sheridan french for inspiration.
it was she who inspired my whole lady tux idea for myself.

she wore this recently with a baby bump and its insane good.
if i can't get the bag, maybe i'll have to make a gemmed bow tie!!

love it when girls take over boys clothes, and then add bedazzles :)


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