Wednesday, March 21, 2012

its the simple things

ever have those days when the topics to blog about just aren't coming?
that is me today. and last night.

but i was playing around on photoshop last night and came up with this and thought i'd share. it was insanely easy and made a big difference.
i like it when i manipulate a photo myself, without using someone else's actions.
you can tell i'm not a photoshop master when i still get excited about stuff like this :)

but here we go...

i took these a long time ago. back when i was a fresh newbie to this whole photog thing.
as in, every shoot i did, i learned something new.

these 2 were actually in the semi-outtakes.

i hadn't 100% mastered manual focus and i was using the lens that came with my camera.

this first one, not bad. just not a killer, although the model is ;)

but with only a few layers of a solid color at low opacity in a coral pinky-orange on this second image... i now love it a whole lot more.

i left the first layer solid across the image and then duplicated it.
i reduced the opacity even more on the second layer and brushed it out in the right bottom corner, leaving the most color in the top left. much dreamier. much more soft. pretty.

blast from the past, jo?!
thanks again for modeling your belly...
now that your lil guy is almost one and a half :)


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