Wednesday, March 14, 2012

roy g. biv

that's how i learned the color wheel way way back when in gradeschool. mr. roy g. biv.
red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

this room by miles redd kills me in two ways:

1. first and foremost, it has his ruffled edge drapes that he's been known to do. and if i could sew fantastically, i'd have replicated them all over my darn house.

2. in just this shot of this corner of this room, it contains some form of roy g. biv.
from the woodwork to the furnishings to the florals.

every one of em, and it doesn't look like rainbow bright's murder scene!

miles is a craft crafty man.
often replicated, never duplicated.

{we're half way there!! it's supposed to be 80... 8-0 degrees today in kc. i'll get to enjoy it as i stare longingly out my window at work}




  1. My husband and I got those little blue monster bookends as a wedding gift! I didn't know if there was any hope for them in our home... but this has inspired me to give it a try!

  2. foo dogs! what a fun wedding gift, mica. i picked a pair up for myself last year in ny. they can pretty much go anywhere.

  3. After discussing yesterday's post with my husband (as we often do when we need a mid-morning break from work) it appears that the "litle blue monster bookends" were in fact a gift from your sister-in-law. :)