Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the glow.

if you haven't made time to go check out the glow by now, you should. especially if you're a woman. it will tug at your heart. it chronicles a day in the life at home of a famous working mom. in their element, with their kids, in a very personal way.

i love it for a multitude of reasons.

first and foremost, the photography is outstanding. i love every ounce of it and soak up the inspiration. i love how it seems as if they just stepped into a normal day in their normal life at home and started snapping away.

kate young

laura garcia

{i mean, that pink elizabeth taylor makes me weak in the knees. i have plans to do something similar in the daughter-i-don't-even-have's room in the future :)}

meredith kahn

ramya giangola

rebecca minkoff

i love the personal glimpse into their homes and the stories and tidbits they divulge.

zoe buckman

what i love most, is how they really really love their children and how evident it is that no matter who you are or how large your career, they really are the most important thing you can do.

i wish they had a new post every single day, but they don't.

but it's worth going back and reading!!


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