Thursday, March 22, 2012

forest green.

i have been known to say that i hate something "like i hate bowling and hunter green."

ask husband. its how you know i'm passionately in dislike of something... like mushrooms. i DO NOT like them. i try and try to do it but i just can't. so i might have said before... "i hate mushrooms like i hate bowling and hunter green." in fact, those words have come out of my mouth, multiple times.

i really do hate bowling.
and up until recently i hated the color hunter green.

from now on we'll call it forest green so i don't have to eat my words all those millions of times i've said that i hate hunter green. because it really isn't that bad of a color.

its a neutral. it can go with pretty much whatever it wants to go with. lots of bright colors look fantastic with it.

i'm starting to think that way of most greens. have you ever looked outside at anything naturally green, like the grass or leaves or stems of a flower, and said it didn't "go" with another color? what flower on earth doesn't "go" with it's green stem? not a single one.

in fact, i think the forest green of the earth looks it's most delightful next to the blue of the sky: 

you can thank God for that one.

and these:

so dang pretty right??

my new appreciation started a few months ago but was reaffirmed when the house beautiful "green" issue came out a few months ago. i.e. this whole house:
forest and lavender and gold? yep.

and sydney from the daybook with her hunter wellies.
girl wears them with any and everything and it looks fantastic.

go embrace forest green.
i am now.


{images via architectural digest, house beautiful, sydney from the daybook}


  1. I'm especially in love with green and yellow, now that it is finally starting to seem like spring.

  2. WOW Sydney looks really dishy wearing her Wellingtons.