Wednesday, March 28, 2012

rockstar water.

as i mentioned on monday, i was at a work tradeshow over the weekend up until yesterday. it was held at the lake of the ozarks in mo, so i got to stay at my family's house. {i was so happy. you have no idea how much i despise hotels... but i digress.}

the lake was in full bloom. i can't help but feel like summer is already here with the weather we're having. it was 80+ the whole time i was there. i laid out. in march!! i still can't believe it.

i think the lake might be the birthplace of dogwoods. either that, or they just really enjoy it down there. there are eleventy billion of them growing wild everywhere. and as of this weekend, they all looked like this:

our mint on our back deck was also growing.
we use it to make mojitos {especially my favorites, mango mojitos!} in the summer time. give this pot a month and it will look like a bush. a smell-good, tasty one.

i didn't make mojitos cause i had to work... but i wanted to welcome the mint back. so i made mojito water. aka- best water i've ever had!! couldn't get enough of the stuff.

its just plain old water with muddled mint and a squeeze or a few of lime.
das it.

i'm planting some mint here asap so i can enjoy this water all of the time! its delish. and refreshing and good for your health.

tip i've learned, make sure you plant your mint in a container because if you plant it in your yard, it grows and grows and grows and might take over the whole thing. it can even jump pots if you have some next to your mint pot.

look at me, giving out gardening tips and info. WHOEVER would have thought that was going to happen on here? NOT ME. but i just did.

happy hump day.


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