Tuesday, March 13, 2012

all the single ladies.

i missed out on my opportunity for a hot pink front door. why didn't i jump on that when i was a single lady? i just don't see it becoming husband's new favorite color anytime soon. i'm sure he'd put up a stink fit but eventually let me do it. i just don't want to force him into a hot pink door everytime he comes home.

oh well.

but these ladies... lucky ducks.

i'm sure hot pink wouldn't look so bad to husband, were i to acquire a dress like zees:

so pretty. ladylike and sassy at the very same time.
just like the front doors!

{dress from michael kors, or better for your wallet-- the topshop version, which i sadly can't find... must be gone. double missed out.}


1 comment:

  1. Those pink doors are fabulous! Does that third door have a tortoise shell mail slot?!? That's freakin amazing!!

    I want one.