Monday, March 12, 2012

the graduate...

is one of those movies where you almost pay more attention to the setting and details than the actual plot. at least for me. i am eternally obsessed with mrs. robinson's home/style. but the sun room used for seduction cocktails below:

is fierce.

inspiration can come from anywhere. and this picture has done it for me.

when elle and i first thought about doing this blog a couple years ago, i knew i wanted to do something with this photo... whether just use it for my own house alone (which i am), or make some kind of post out of it. its too pretty not to!

fast forward a few years and i thought about it again.
and thanks to this domino bath i had saved from eons ago, it made that second task really easy!!

this bathroom has all the same elements... lush greens, the colors, black and white stripes, sleek white and a little texture. you could call it good, or

with a few additions, you could almost confuse this bathroom with the set from the graduate. maybe not, but i'm sure its as equally seducing to recent college grads.

obviously, this is the perfect excuse to use my all-time favorite wallpaper.

and in my opinion, you could always add a few more stipes.

and some masculine leather tufting for visitors next to the tub.

so here's to you, mrs. robinson.
la la la la la la la la la.
hey hey hey.
hey hey hey.


{bath via domino, my FAVORITE martinique wallpaper, romans from pinterest, turkish bath towel from west elm, and the tufted beauty from craigslist.}

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