Tuesday, August 23, 2011

wallpaper without the paper, please.

i want something graphic and a little punchy for my kitchen walls.
i don't want punchy color, i want punchy as in something a little different than the norm with lots of texture and pattern.

i initially thought wallpaper but there is nothing i hate more than removing it.... so NOPE.
(because i will want to remove it. that is what i do. i change things.)

so. wall stencil?! for the same effect?

remember i found this a while back and told you i was about to purchase. now i'm glad i didn't because i'm over it. and sooo many people have used it now. don't get me wrong, it's still a lovely stencil, i just don't think ikat is the way i want to go.

so then i moved onto another ethnic print: indian paisley.

big fan. and this one was the winner. (i've been on the hunt/search for months now.)

but then i found this one below, and i thought i could maybe make one like it. it's smaller and more floral. and cute!

but i liked this one below for it's airy quality. i have a smaller kitchen. it would do quite nicely. but i'd have to make it. and not sure how that would work out. so i moved on.

then i thought about this david hicks print in a domino oldie. it looks totally do-able in terms of diy-ing a stencil. so then it was the winner. and i was s-o-l-d.

until i saw this david hicks rendition on design*sponge and it got me all excited.

winner winner chicken dinner!
i'm going to hurry up and do it before i change my mind again!! but seriously, i have lived with this for a few weeks now and i like it more and more and more. i'll even be using the same-ish colors, and most definitely the gold.

as soon as i have a free weekend, i'm going to get my diy ON.

of course i'll post the before, during, and afters...
and i've never stenciled before so it could get a little hairy :)


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