Wednesday, August 3, 2011

dessert for breakfast

as i said, i was in a friend's wedding this past weekend and that means one thing: friends (aka: sorority sistas) were coming in town from all over the country! we especially love weddings for that reason-
after graduation we dispersed all over, and we use them as a reason to celebrate not only the nuptials of our good friend, but also each other ;)

so i had the gals over for some breakfast and coffee friday morning before all the wedding festivities began.

and i made us this:

yes, technically it is a dessert but
1-- it has fruit in it which means it's health food (duh)
2-- it came from my cooking light so really, how bad could it be?!
and 3-- people eat cinnamon rolls and other sugary goodies for breakfast aaaaall the time (and by people, i mean me) so i thought it was perfect!

and it was.
it was.

so good.

please do yourself a favor and go get the recipe here.
especially right now when the blueberries and peaches are so scrumptious.

there were only 10 of us, but i made the whole recipe because i knew i'd want the leftovers. there wasn't that much left! but by sunday morning, my husband and i had finished her off.


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  1. YUM ... i will have to try this one for sure!