Friday, August 5, 2011

live it up

so... back to school commercials are back on tv. time for new bookbags, school shoes, and my favorite -- the supplies!! to lay out on your bedroom floor for organizational purposes, and to write your name on every item with a permanent marker....  i know it wasn't just me!! you know you did it. and you know you liked it.

but summer isn't over. let's live it up, people!
this spread from a martha stewart mag (from a long long time ago), featuring trina turk and her funky awesome husband, does just that.

festive, no?!
she's awesome. her style is awesome. and it fits perfectly in her perfectly perfect vintage designer home in desert california.

can i come next time? i mean, for reals. looks like loads of splendid fun.

not too shabby.

aren't they funk-alicious? and her fabrics kill me.
they. are. beautiful.

this one is my favesies:

you could certainly summer it up with some of these fabrics.

any of them. or all of them.
your choice.

happy friday everyone!


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