Monday, August 1, 2011

july art

now that it is august 1st...
i should share with you my july art.

find my art for january, february, march, april, may and june there.

right now i have it on the mantle next to my april art.
and speaking of-- do you notice the crack on said piece of art?
the week after i photographed it for you all, it was still laying on the floor waiting to be hung when the tragedy happened. i have a chocolate lab and she likes tennis balls. she likes them even better when you throw them. so i threw it and it ricocheted off a doorway and straight into my glass frame. crack.
i just need to get a new piece of glass for it, and i will. just haven't yet.

it's an 8x10" frame/small shadow box, with a 5x7" matted opening. i decided to use a light turquoise piece of cardstock as the backing and glue some teensy tiny little shells that i've collected over the years from all over.

in fact, some of them are from spring break our freshman year in college when elle and i, with a bunch of other girls piled into a suburban and drove from kansas city all the way down to west palm beach, fl. so fun, but so were the itty bitty shells we found. i brought them back and added it to a collection i had started and still add to.

picked out the cutest, most perfect little guys and glued them down.

slapped them in a frame and voila!

aren't they cute?

in other unrelated news, my hibiscus plant in the front yard is going gangbusters.
she's so lovely i thought i'd share :)

happy first day of august.

summer goes by way too quickly.


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