Wednesday, August 17, 2011

stick em up.

so ever since i read my recent elle decor and saw this little lady:

i've been obsessed. obsessed with her art and her creativity.
i have to admit... i admired her work so much, i tried to mimic her. it's not even 1/10th as cool as hers but i tried. and i very much like the way it came out!!

her name is payton turner and she's only 25. her wallpaper is gorgeous, no?

as you can see.... it's not printed wallpaper....

it's stickers!!
 did you all see her in elle decor? i couldn't stop staring. genius genius genius.

so. much. fun.

it would kill it on the walls of a child's room. jenny at little green notebook, said yesterday she is going to try this out in her daughters' room and i can't wait to see her results!

i didn't have the amount of stickers necessary, the patience, or the willingness to stick all these to our walls... so i made a much smaller piece, like payton did here:

i had a billion stickers from when i was a kid (so glad i hoard random art supplies!), and just went to hobby lobby to beef up my collection. the quirkier and the more odd your stickers are, the better in my opinion... and my opinion came straight from payton's example.

i got frogs, snowmen, bananas, trees, spiderwebs, dogs, candy, fish, balloons, prescription bottles, horses, birthday cakes, etc. and just started sticking.

i took horrible phone photos as i worked last night:

and for a little of my own spin, i placed our last name and my husband and i's first names hidden in there, too.


up close shots of the final:

it really didn't take as long as i thought it would. and i totally winged it in terms of straight lines and being in the center of the page, etc. about an hour and a half later, she was framed and ready to hang in one of my vintage brass frames!

last night around 11. 

loving it more in the better light this morning :)

so there you have it. my august art!!
read more about my monthly thing here. and see january, february, march, april, may, june, and july.

i'm actually going to hang it in the bathroom we're remodeling, behind the commode.
don't you think it's kinda cheeky? pun not intended.
plus its a little something extra for the boys to look at while taking care of business :)



  1. I love it Jill! Actually, I really like your idea of doing just one and framing it as art. What a fun project to put around the house!

  2. this is beyond good! great job!!!

  3. I'm obsessed...this is amazing!

  4. triple love ... great job ... i will take two ... no, make that five ... k? ... thanks

  5. I love this post, this is so cool! I was definitely a sticker hoarder too...haha!