Tuesday, August 9, 2011

come sail with me.

it's just so darn beautiful.
the entirety of this sport.... the people. the sails. the boats. the water. the sky. the colors!
the attitude. the lifestyle.

another thing i've always been kinda obsessed with:
the flags.

at our lake house, i had always had the idea in the back of my brain to make a flag bunting for our family name... or to use these in some way around the house.

then one of those crazy crafty women over at purl soho made these for her family's vacation house: 


so now it's either napkins, or a flag bunting/banner...

so i came up with my new last name and my family's name. i like the way they go together and only really crafty sailors on our lake will know what they mean.

our lake is, yes, landlocked in the middle of missouri and far from any ocean's coast where most of the sailing happens, but it's one GIANT lake and there are lots of sailboats... which are especially beautiful in the morning hours. they go home by the time the big motor boats come out to play.

can you figure them out? :)

and i don't know if i'm going against all the rules and i'm probably going to make some sailors out there angry... but i wanted to see what these would look like in different colorways.

pretty, right?

there are so many options. just gotta get that sewing machine out and put to good use!!

and to decide, traditional or non-traditional colors. the pink, orange, navy and khaki ones are my fave.


{sailing images found via tumblr and pinterest}

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  1. wowweee is that first photo our of control beautiful. i'm in love with it!