Monday, August 1, 2011

i love lamp, part 2

remember this lamp from an old post?
remember how much i loved it?

well, thanks to a brilliant commenter, we found out the lamp can be found here.

yesterday, as i lay on my couch recovering from one of the more fun weddings/weekends i've helped celebrate....ever....

{congrats meg!!!! (and p.s. i so very much love my friends. there was no shortage of fun)}

i watched the most recent episode of 'secrets of a stylist' i had dvr'ed.
emily used a yellow crystal lamp in her design! it was just as sassy but not exactly the same. her blog said it was vintage.

it was actually a really great room as a whole.
but this whole blog post was only so that i could profess that it only deepened my love for such lamps.

enjoy your day :)


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