Monday, August 15, 2011

troop beverly hills

it was brought to my attention this morning by elements of style that amy merrick, one of the contributors of another one of my dailies, design*sponge, is a fellow lover of troop beverly hills.

this movie has established itself as part of my childhood.
i watched it almost everyday in the 90's. yep, the whole decade.

i can recite lines, but it's probably safer to say whole scenes of this movie. and sing along to the soundtrack.
my cousin who shares this love, and watched this movie with me most of the time, is awesome and bought it for me this past christmas on dvd. how did she find it? who knows.
 but i can say it's still every bit as good as it was in 1994.

"her recommendations for a campsite were totally unsuitable. there were no outlets. and there was dirt, and bugs, and... and it rains there. so anyway, we've found a place that's much more us: the beverly hills hotel."

"patches? we don't need no stinkin patches."

amy takes movies and finds things to replicate the look and feel the movie conjures:

"i was not spying on dad... i was checking on my azaleas."

maybe that's where i first loved this wallpaper!

who's with me on this movie?


read more here for resources on amy's troop beverly hills insprired finds.

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  1. Beverly Hills, what a thrill! Love this movie and love this post!