Monday, August 29, 2011

big big BIG

as a photographer, i'm shooting my first wedding in 2 weekends!!! ahhhh!!!

i cannot even begin to describe my excitement. honestly. it's bustin at the seams.

when my lovely friend, maggie, asked if i would do it months ago i thought i'd be a nervous wreck right about now. but i think i'm good, i am just so excited to do this. and honored... that she would even think to ask little ol me!! another friend with a photog hobby is going to be my second shooter :)

should be lots o fun. the bride and groom are long time friends of ours and they are kinda a big deal.
they are kinda fun, and kinda alot cute.

i've pulled together some of my favorite wedding images from some of my favorite photographers.
they all came from my pinterest... i have a wedding inspiration file packed with even more. go there for the details.

these above and below are from my all time hero, jonas peterson.
i want to be just like him when i grow up.
he's so crafty.

i will be right here to share when it's over...

until then, like i said the other day, i have a long list of to-do's before i will let myself say i'm 100% ready for take off (no worries, maggie, its all fun stuff!!) and checking stuff off daily :)

like, i just got new business cards created for me and i think they are pretty scrumptious... i'll share when they are complete... and i'm working on my new website. that is a pain in my side. i'll share those details when that's completed too, and hopefully it won't be 2012 by the time that happens :)

love and happy monday.



  1. The girl in the shadow - picture number 6 is me! My day was perfect. Wish I could do it all over again! xxNicole Cohen-Nelson

  2. thats amazing! i had no idea. i think i just got it off pinterest somewhere.... it's quite the lovely photo :)