Friday, August 26, 2011

flowers for friday #56

happy friday everyone.

i have a 2-fer for you all today.
just because they were both so lovely and i didn't think it fair to choose between them ;)

i've been really into "pastels" lately. not really the chalky pastels you that burn your eyes, but more the vivid, smidge brighter, and more beautiful pastels... such as the ever popular mint, and this lavender above. 

i tell you, i have been sporting lavender nails all summer long and it makes me smile sparkly unicorn rainbows everytime i look at my mani. no joke. try it and tell me you don't feel the same way. 
i've been wearing sally hansen insta-dri 'lacey lilac' that i threw in my cart at the grocery store on a whim... and it's actually really long lasting for the $4 price tag. perfect!

and then i snapped this one with my phone in my grandma's garden.
i wish i had her thumbs, the green ones. but i don't, so i'll live and just enjoy hers.

have a good weekend, lovers.


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