Thursday, July 14, 2011

bubbly tasting party

i just got caught up on some blogs last night, and this one from coco + kelley caught my eye. i'm dying over their mix of glassware!! read more of my dishes/glassware obsession here and here...

but honestly, the idea of this party with the girls is so much fun. they did a rose wine tasting party (more here), i think i'd switch mine to a bubbly tasting party because that stuff is my jam :)

i know i'd love an invite to a cold champagne tasting party this summer!

to implement this eclectic glassware look, you'll just need to buy lots and lots of mismatched pieces.
this woman on etsy collected a bunch for you already.

 and the more eclectic the better in my opinion. like mixing these etched beauties above with these opalescent beauties below. also on etsy.

and i really like mixing stem with stem-less glassware. here are some simple (i.e. perfect) godis glasses from ikea.

and some even more perfect simple marta glasses from cb2.

and i've been meaning to do this for awhile now, but i'd really really like to buy 20-25 of these simple glasses and etch them with a 'B' for our last name. just to have on hand.

i've never used it, but the blogosphere seems to love this stuff for glass etching purposes:

southern living did it recently, but they did it with numbers. another good idea. you'll never be left wondering which glass is yours ;)

and on an almost totally unrelated note, another project that i've been meaning to try:

this mirror form eddie ross. he bought a cheap mirror from lowes and etched an initial on top.
lovely and easy. 2 words that go together like peas and carrots to me.

maybe this weekend!?


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