Wednesday, July 20, 2011

rock hard balls.

nothing dirty...
i'm talking concrete garden spheres!

elle's mom, jane, emailed this blog post to elle and i the other day. it's a garden/home tour of a belgian couple. the whole thing is pretty spectacular. check out more here.
these were just some of my favorite images:

but what really caught my eye, were their concrete garden spheres/sculptures.

aren't they kinda awesome? i've seen them before but i now really like them. and wouldn't mind a few in my own backyard.

 they are for sale here. but i'm not really looking to spend that much on a ball of cement.

so thanks to the internets, i found out how to make them yourself!

thanks to design*sponge. their tutorial is for smaller domes, but i bet you could try really hard and walk around home depot for a bit and come up with a solution for some larger balls. i'm also thinking if you did go along with their tutorial and used old light covers, i bet if you didn't fill the cement all the way to the top, you could eliminate the whole weird disk thing/fixture opening and make a perfect sphere.

if i ever try this myself, i will for sure let you know how it goes. it's going on the list of fun stuff i want to try/make, but just never can find the time to actually DO these things.


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