Tuesday, July 5, 2011

up and at 'em

i had a great weekend at the lake with family, but ended the holiday with flight troubles back to nyc. i landed this morning at 8:45 and headed straight to work. not the organization i was hoping for to start the week...but in light of all the disaster and lack of sleep our first flight last night took off at 9pm. with all of the neighborhoods starting their fireworks at sun down it was like a huge fireworks show from the air!!  we could see thousands of fireworks being shot off at the same time across the horizon. one of those experiences you never even think about having, but it was quite impressive and really made me feel the fourth of july spirit!!!!

jill's post yesterday with thom filicia's lake house made me dig for more. here is the whole thing. how simple, masculine, chic and comfortable. my kind of place.


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  1. friend, i love this house, too. he's a clever one, that thom.