Friday, July 22, 2011


are you watching their new show on hgtv, home by novogratz? the first one wasn't my most fave of theirs but it certainly wasn't a look, or "the usual," most of hgtv is known for. it was sassy. and good!
i like to see different stuff. i like to see creative and they have the creative box checked.

plus, they have to be the coolest parents... with 7 kids.

in the last episode, they used a smeg. a light blue one. they are so retro cute! plus, they aren't stainless steel! everyone has stainless these days... and i love a good stainless appliance, but i'd love myself a colored smeg even more :)

comes in a rainbow. which one would you choose?
in my current kitchen, i'd pick the sky blue one. but who knows... i change my mind on a daily basis.

happpppppy friiiiiiday!


{via little yellow porch, flickr, judith miller, made by girl, house beautiful, living etc, alkemie blog}


  1. Is this 9 by design with a new name? Yesssss I love them! We need to hook tv up soon!

  2. love, love, love these. i would pick the red. it doesn't go with my current kitchen, but it is my favorite.

  3. I want a green one! How cool!

  4. It is Joanna!

    I LOVE them...I DVR their new show so I can watch it when no one is home! :-)

  5. Misfit said....
    Love their design style but disappointed that the show seems to have repeat design ideas and uses the same artists and clients. They need to mix things up!

  6. Smegs have always caught my eye. Baby blue and pink are my faves.