Tuesday, July 26, 2011

righty-tighty or lefty-loosey?

seen this?

can i say i'm in the middle?

i'm not saying i am organized because people who know me would call me a liar... my desk/house tend to be on the cluttered side. i do try to be neat sometimes. does that count? but i like love science. i'm a dorky nerd who studied things like organic chemistry and pathophysiology.
i feel like right brainers are far cooler than i am.

but color is my jam. without it, my toast would just be... toast. and i like laughter and sand beneath my feet and nature and long hippie dresses and painting. creating/making/photographing things is how i keep myself sane.

so....can i say i'm in the middle?
but is that even a good thing, does that mean i don't have brain group to belong to?

lefty v. righty.
what are you?



  1. haha ... that made me laugh ... you are both ... which makes you extra special :-)

  2. Stuck in the middle with you! (Remember that song?) Love this post!

  3. i am so right! i'm going to have to borrow your middle photo, so lovely :)