Wednesday, July 6, 2011

feeling a bit painterly.

perhaps it's the creative in me that loves this look so much, perhaps it's the carefree and unstuffy. maybe it's the unabashed use of color.

whatever the reason, i am digging the painterly aspects linking everything below!

 the pillows and painting behind, via bellemaison 23

business cards... and no 2 are alike! if i had the time i could see the real benefits of these beauties :)

this beautimus watercolor that i think i might be inspired by!

painted egg tray from anthro. really? deviled eggs will never be the same. found here

a painting found on the kate spade tumblr. 

 and the beautiful wedding inspiration from oncewed. so pretty. perfect for 2 artsy farts.

the paint pallet pillow from cb2. a whole room could come from this single little pillow. 

same goes with this kitchen towel, again via anthro. found here

and now, my most favorite use of this little fad. PHOTOGRAPHY! ahh. i'm in love. as are these 2 cuties:
engagement session from grosgrain fabulous

and this fab family session. i need a family to email me right now with the go-ahead. i will take your photos!! i love it. from iamaposer 

 and last but not least, this by the crafty ashley ann. she took an old and ugly floral print and "painted-by-numbers' right over it. so mod. and so cheap!

like this fad as much as i do? because i, for some reason, can't get enough.


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  1. Dear friends of the Blue House,

    I have a project for you!! :) I have a "small space" (aka a small room upstairs in my old house) that I would like to transform into a charming yet functional home office. My home is pretty traditional... I think this room could be an opportunity to have a little fun yet classy. I REALLY like the paint color in the room in the first picture of your post today. A thought I am having is maybe a color like that with white wood furniture and then bring in splashes of color-- bittersweet orange, pink, yellow somehow... if you find any small office spaces that could give me ideas for arranging furniture, types of furniture and accessories (think mail holders, bulletin boards, calendars, mirrors, organizational systems, accent chairs, pillows, etc.), please let me know!!!

    Love my friends :)