Thursday, January 24, 2013

stacked bobbies.

have you been noticing the stacked bobby pins everywhere you look?

i'm kinda obsessed and have been casually looking for some colored bobbies since fall. casually meaning i didn't seek them out but if i found them, i'd be happy.
well, mission accomplished!
run to target and get your own for $2.50:

and i'm kinda in love with these bc they're mini's!

i'm sporting the green ones today.
i was coerced into taking this photo in the bathroom at work.  i really prefer to be the one behind the camera, not in front. its so stupid awkward!
but here it is:


i like mcphee's look of multiple colors.

my pack has lots of black ones that won't show up in my darker brown hair so i think i'm going to take some nail polish to those and who knows... maybe neon? hot pink? most probably.
and maybe mint or lavender.

there are tutorials abounding online for how to paint your own.

i first spotted a similar look last christmas when babble posted 10 holiday hair ideas and i've had this image saved ever since.

(this is's jumbo party bobbi)

i just thought it was an easy and cute way to tame my similarly messy, insanely long hair with minimal effort... which is the way i play when it comes to my hair.

taza's been sporting it similarly, too.

so that's when target came to the rescue last night.

do you guys even like it this look?

i do :)


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  1. yes! i haven't seen it before, but now I am thinking I need some, too! thanks for sharing!!!! Off to Target :)