Monday, January 14, 2013

where we eat.


not only what we eat, but where we eat it, is important.

i am drawn to kitchens/dining rooms with interest.
with details.
with stuff!! (shocker, i know)...
and not just new stuff. definitely the old stuff, too. 
the kind of things that bring a sense of history, and charm, and that lived-in quality that usually can only come with collecting pieces over time... and you know, actually living in the space.

old table cloths, antique china cabinets, chandeliers, upholstered pieces, and great art...
all great kitchens, do make.
or they at least help it out!

this is a little off the topic, but not really i guess, since we're talking kitchens...

but i foresee stainless steel appliances dating our era in the future.
will people in 20 years look back on our time and see the ss fridge like we do the old avocado ones? people on hgtv kill me while house hunting. they walk into a kitchen and bitch, excuse my french, because it doesn't have stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. ugh.

but that's another post for another day.

fill your kitchens with the things you love, and use. old copper pots look better out of the cabinet than in :)

and art loves kitchens.
in case you didn't know that.

happy monday.


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  1. I totally agree about the HGTV people. I can't stand it when they say it's not a nice house b/c it doesn't have granite. Even worse is when they scoff at the paint color!