Tuesday, January 29, 2013

edgy egerton

i have a hallway and a bedroom that i want swathed in beautiful, patterned wallpapers.
i haven't done anything yet out of indecision.
but for the bedroom, if i could, i would choose this:

in this colorway.

the first room is from an old domino, of amanda peet's home.
the second, plum syke's dining room. don't know what publication it appeared in.

i'm not going to say it...

{perp erf cerler}
sound it out ^

because the saying makes me cringe.
like a really great song that was played to death on the radio and every time you hear it you instinctively smash your hand on your car radio... switching to to something else, anything else.

that is how i feel about
a pop of color.

i hate it now.
they've over used it and pinterest is making it even worse.

but i really do love the effect.
can we just call it something else already?
what about a burst of pigment?
or an explosion of hue?
or a chunk of rainbow?
something else, anything else.

seriously, all my weirdness aside, it really does have a huge impact. take these rooms for instance...
they've totally funked up the girly and subdued colored floral wallpaper.

amanda peet added tons of tonal prints and a bright yellow lamp and red chair.
plum sykes added hot pink silk chair cushions.

and if i were to do this in my bedroom,
i would be doing something very similarly.
dying over it with hot pink.



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