Thursday, February 2, 2012


nope. not old school batman...

it's what citrus colors can do...
 for your mood.
and your home.
and your wardrobe.
and your tastebuds.
and your health.

it's like powerful super fruit that just so happens to be very very pretty, too.

can we talk about what these colors mean to me?
i am partial to them.
i love them.
they make me happy.

like for instance this wallpaper.
i love it in its blue colorway but it knocks some sox off in orange and yellow.

even doughnuts look better.

duh. that trench. duh.

and it fights off that pesky scurvy.

i WILL be making this this summer.
i mean, have you ever?

and i could also use some of this meyer lemon tart in my life.

and a genius ice ball maker.
except fill it with orange or grapefruit juice.
then add the special sauce.

what do you think?
ya, i think so, too.

been taking advantage of this season's citrus fruits.
lil cuties, grapefruits, blood oranges... you name it. i eat it.


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