Friday, February 10, 2012

rock candy.

these lamps are like eye candy. eye candy that resembles rock candy.
a pair of these could add a serious bit of awesomeness to any room in my house.

they're made by swank lighting.

these in 'teal ice' are me favesies.

but i'd take these in 'ice'.....

and 'emerald' is gooood.

they're made from tumbled recycled glass... i love it when environmentally conscious beauty meets regular old awesome.

this pair is made from tangerine calcite. not recycled, just pulled out of the ground.

if you were to say, donate a pair of these lamps to me... i wouldn't turn them away.

shoot, if you showed up with some of this real
rock candy, i wouldn't turn it away either.

happy friday, lovers.


{lamps from swank lighting, cupcakes via revel-blog}


  1. I think the code expired - boo :(

  2. Whoops sorry! That was meant for your post about the fabulous monogram necklaces!