Wednesday, February 29, 2012

southern weddin, y'all.

i have been getting the martha stewart wedding idea of the day since 2007. just before i got engaged, through my wedding planning, past my wedding in 2009, and straight on through till today. i enjoy it. it comes 7 days a week. sometimes its content is a little meh, sometimes its brilliant.

loved it.
thought i'd share it with you all.

it was on the bride's family's 1000 acre plantation.

they used an aviary theme throughout the whole thing. with quail feathers in the programs,

and boutonnieres,

and a beautiful book of birds for the guest book.
i love the whole wedding but this was my favorite part. wish i would have thought of it. now they have a gorgeous tome to keep in their library or out on a coffee table with the signatures of the ones they love and the reminder of their day. love. it.

want the book, too.

they used the same quail feather deatils from above and images from the audubon book to line their envelopes for the wedding stationary. again, LOVE.

her dress was designed for her by a fellow charleston native, carol hannah.

remember carol hannah from project runway?
she makes a gorgeous dress.

another thing that really caught my attention:

the family sheep.

they were originally purchased for consumption but after the family raised them, they kept them as pets :)

a part of me loves my city living but another part of me wants a 1000 acre southern plantation to be able to have more ducks, chickens and lots of sheep running around. not for food. just for pets.

our birds are back in kansas city from their winter escape. i can hear them chirping in the mornings. spring is right around the corner! yay.



{images via martha}

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