Wednesday, February 29, 2012

weird pets.

on the tail end of my post earlier this morning, about the family of sheep that are kept as pets in south carolina, it is actually right up my weird-pets-alley.

last spring my brother bought 2 baby ducklings for pennies from a local pet store.
they soon became my 2 favorite things on the plan-net.
i visited my parents alot more when they were around :)

how could you not like them??!

since we didn't have a most beautiful coop such as these below:

one was, saddly, the late night snack of a wild animal jerk.
it made my mom and i cry. not joking.

we made a make shift coop for the last one, sammie (it was sammy, but later found out sammy was a girl, so she then became sammie) in their backyard and even transported her back and forth to the lake with us on the weekends.

(me, my mom, and our duck)

(sometimes she preferred her baby pool to the big pool)

she ended up loving it there... as she should, she was a duck.
so we started leaving her through the week and she'd always be waiting for us when we returned. and eventually became a natural wild duck with real wild duck friends. months went by, and one weekend we came back and sammie was gone. we'd like to think she found a beautiful duck dude and made a beautiful duck family.

the whole object of this post was to say that i would really like to have a rad coop like either of the ones above. for a few ducks and maybe some chickens. although i probably wouldn't mind a whole gaggle of both. in my suburb of kc, they aren't allowed. but in my parent's, they are!! so they're getting a few more ducks this spring.

i'm encouraging them to build a coop like #2 above.
it's awesome and would fit in their backyard. and then we'd take them to the lake and do it all over again.

there really are advantages to having a 1000 acre plantation in south carolina.
all the sheeps, ducks and chickens your little heart could desire.
is that weird?



{duck pics via me. coops via amber interiors}

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  1. Awww, I want a that Sammie was a part of the family, makes me smile!!!!