Monday, February 20, 2012


i love color.
that should actually read: i am a crazy person who lives for color and wants every single beautiful color to come and live happily ever after in her home.

as much as i love it/need it, i can be swayed and equally charmed by a full palette of neutrals and subdued colors. 

that being said, sometimes i worry.
(that should also read: hi my name is jill, and i am a worry wart. i worry too much.)

but i do worry that the color i'm bringing into my home, might be a bit much for some. for example my green and green bathroom idea (thank you for all your suggestions btw, i might be doing a little of both.... more later!!), but i also have plans to paint my kitchen magenta pink (also more later).

is all this color, with my nearly black but navy front room going scare the you-know-whats off of people? especially when we go to sell our house?

i try to tell myself i should stop thinking about what other people think because 1-- we aren't planning on selling for a year or two, or more.... 2-- it's just paint, and i could always repaint it before we put it up for sale. and i am trying to keep my larger furniture pieces more neutral for balance.... and 3--! it's still my house. and my color. and my preference. and i shouldn't really care what people visiting think :)

again, with that being said... i do really love these neutral spaces.
kuddos to all you out there that can pull them off.

i guess i should also tell you in this post that typically, i have a hard time making up my mind :)

happy monday.



{images via because it's awesome, brunch at saks, decorpad, design*sponge, pinterest, the decorista, tumblr}

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