Thursday, February 16, 2012

i'm giving in.

in my attempt to spruce up one of our bathrooms without spending a gajillion dollars...
i've decided on some faux paneling/wainscoting up 3/4 of the wall.

and because of this very j.crew image, i've decided on painting it......

it pushed me over the edge.

i know it's everywhere and i sure hope it doesn't get dated fast.
but i'm still in love.

and i'm sure we'll be moved onto our next house by the time that happens, so bring it on.

and because of the same top image, i'm painting the top part of the walls and the ceiling a darker emerald green.

i have an old ornate framed mirror from college that i had originally painted black that hangs above the vanity in there.......
i'm also thinking i'm going to paint it a very fun contrasting color.

3-way tie for the winner.
first up:

canary yellow. 

second and third, we have:

coral/poppy OR blush. 

all of em are seriously delightful.

the floor is getting a new life, too.

in a black and white stripe a la this method i blogged about centuries ago.
yes, it's been in the plans/works since then. sue me.
no, don't. i am just really bad at getting projects done. so.....

yellow or poppy or blush?!?!?!?

spill your thoughts. i wanna hear it.
alot of you do what i do every single day to the blogs i read, and you silently read [and hopefully enjoy what you read] and then move on.......
this time i would like your opinion :)

love you.


{images via j.crew, pinterest, and green wedding shoes}


  1. I think I like Blush! :) And that first image is to die for.

  2. blush would be creamy and dreamy... but that poppy would make me smile everytime I saw it :) POPPY!

  3. i am going to have to go with coral/poppy ...

  4. Coral/poppy - and that coming from a person who's entire house is various shades of gray!
    (I live my secret but timid love for colors through your blog!)

  5. I say blush....then accent with poppy! maybe some towels, or a piece of art.

  6. that's actually the final decision i've settled on! sounds like a good one in my head... hope it turns out as well :)

    thanks for the comments!!