Monday, February 11, 2013

little did i know...

this is a long winded post. sorry.

but house and garden magazine was my first love.
first magazine love.
i was in college and in love.
before domino came out.
then domino came out, still in college, and it was my second love... but more soul consuming. those 2 still rank at the very top of the magazine hoarding love list.

then they both died.

but this morning on pinterest, i saw this image and i almost died.
(not really).

i love it.
i love the hot pink tufts.
the black and white carpet.
the oatmeal walls.
that mirror.
the pale blue and white stripes.

i have decided i'm re-doing my front navy blue room and this is its inspiration:
(i've been "over" my navy walls for a couple of months now.)

so i had to find more.
i had to see the rest of this house.

luckily pinterest said jacques grange did the design bc the link was broken and i couldn't follow it back to anything. so i googled jacques grange pink tuft and came up with this post from habitually chic.
i love the internet, you only have to ask.

it's the paris apartment of prada's mathilde agostinelli,
from a long time ago when it was published in... house and garden!
(may 2006)

the colors are less saturated than the first image and i like the first image better so i'm going with it.

then i kept reading.

look at this girls room.
i posted about it along time ago, here on the blue house bc i loved those bubble gum tufts.
(june 2011)

and then this room!
i posted about it, too bc i obssess over the wallpaper.
(august 2012)

well, as it turns out.
i love the rest of her place, too.

(you know those pink walls and myself are friendly. you can find more pink walls here, here, herehere, and here.)

well, anyway.

happy monday.
it was for me. and this all happened before 6:30 this morning.


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