Friday, April 20, 2012

from a goodie...

to a greatie...(?)
(i know i made that word up.)

emily henderson is one of my favorite people to watch on hgtv.
she isn't doing the same old stuff in the same old style like alot of the shows on there. she loves color, which obviously makes me a fan straight out of the gate, and brass, winner! and vintage furniture, winner!

her blog is also another one i stalk. you should check it out.

but she's recently moved into a rental home out in LA,
and converted her already kinda cute dining room:

vintage furniture, brass, navy, kelly green, and crisp white.

but again, it wasn't that bad to begin with.
the forest green walls with all the bright colors in that table runner were beautiful together. where can i get that table runner? its fantastic. i'm sure its vintage and one of a kind.

but it got me thinking... am i crazy to want to switch my front room in the opposite:
from its current dark dark navy to a forest green?
with a few bright accents thrown in for good measure, just like whats found in the table runner.
or is forest green a phase i'm in right now?

i have design a.d.d. when it comes to my own house.
its a disease.

but happy friday!


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