Tuesday, April 17, 2012


who else is utterly underwhelmed by the domino out today?

seriously. and the thing was $12.
that was the price for one whole year of their subscription!
it was cool though. i was just excited there was a new one.

so i raced out at lunch today and picked one up.
then i sat at my desk and read it.

maybe i'm the unusual one for saving every one of their past issues, so i'm one of the few that noticed, but it was all old material. all old photos. all from old issues. with new words.

the cover was pretty.
kinda love that chair.

but sadly, i'm kinda bummed.

i'm hoping this was just to see how many people actually go out and pick one up before they dedicate themselves to open the full magazine back up to monthly issues. to see how many people still want what they got sorta thing.
that's where my hope lies now.

here's your good news... if you don't have their old issues like me, this stuff is still gorgeous and lovely and could be new-to-you since it's been awhile since you had seen it last.
so then by all means, go get yourself one.

otherwise, let's all just cross our fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes that they come back for real!


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  1. I know how you feel. I recently cleared out a number of old magazines. I parted ways with all but my old issues of Domino and Martha Stewart and then low and behold they said that Domino was coming back..well sorta. I think I'll save my 12 bucks unless one shows up at the local Half Price book store. Thanks for the heads up.