Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just a smidge

of the things making me squeel with delight this morning:

still on the mint kick.
who's with me?!
everyone put your hands down, that's what i thought.
especially mint in the velvet variety, with black and white stripes, and and and! stuffy old oil paintings that don't look stuffy in the slightest, and wood and LIME.

empty frames, you can exit stage left.
but the rest of you, you may stay. i'm talking to you in particular, minty glossy woodwork.

floral, color explosion, stripes and fur? yeah.

eggplant walls and a light blue table should be illegal.
it's the best.


yep here, too.

and mint on your house?
i just may have to rethink my house color scheme!

like what you see?
i do, too.


{images via: pinterest, coco + kelley, mfamb, mfamb, inspire-design tumblr, notetosarah tumblr}

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