Thursday, April 19, 2012

dip-dyed hair

friends. i have long hair right now. really long hair. longest it's been for me in years... maybe ever. i was about to chop it off up to my chin, which is what i have done my whole life. i grow my hair crazy long and then i chop it off crazy short and donate it. but this time.........

i thought i'd have some fun before its gone.
before i cut her off, i think i want to do something in the between time. i have been tempted. my much younger and much cooler cousin has dyed a chunk of her beautiful blonde hair purple. before that it was pink. and i was in love. friends, i don't think i'm cool enough to pull this off... i mean i'm much closer to 30 than 20.... but i think i want some pink tips!

apparently, it is all the rage. just look at pinterest for 2 seconds, or here, or here.

i know this is so not a big deal, but if you are me... and have never once dyed your hair (ever), especially not pink, this is kinda traumatic/exciting all wrapped up in one package.

so, tell me.....

i should do it, right?
i have no idea what work will think. actually i can make a pretty educated guess what work will think but i don't think i'm going to take that into consideration today :)
 i mean, i'm just going to cut it off. and i can't imagine keeping it for long. it's a spring/summer thing. couple days. or weeks if i'm in love.

but you can't donate hair that's been dyed. i have all this hair that could be put to good use for someone else that's having a rough go with life at the moment.
it sounds weird but i've always thought about it this way:

if i were in need of a wig one day, i'd hope there was someone out there that had been willing to help someone they had never met and never will.

so i found these awesome tutorials online on how to do it with chalk pastels... the $5 kind from hobby lobby. totally temporary. totally still as awesome. it even works on my brunette hair. and i can still donate it when i get around to cutting it!

it would be so fun for a night out.
blue for a royals game.
pink for a tuesday afternoon.
for the lake this summer.

i'm so excited to try it!


{images from my pinterest}


  1. Do it!!! Love the teal colors!

  2. your 2nd photo on your blog i was wondering where you found it and if you know any info about it or who did her hair please email me at thank you so very much!