Wednesday, December 21, 2011

under a rock.

that's where i've been living apparently.
i finally made my way over to the insanely inspiring fashion blog, atlantic-pacific.

pinterest is dripping with images of her and her outfits... i had just never stopped by.
and i have been sorely missing out!

she goes by bee.
she has THOUSANDS of people who read her blog religiously.
was just featured in vogue for being an inspiring fashion blogger lady.
she works in merchandising [all i could gather from her blog].
she has to have a closet the size of my house...
and a clothes budget the size of my mortgage for that matter :)
she's girly and bohemian and classy all whipped into one... inspiring to say the least.

just on the off chance that you are like me and have never seen for yourself:

and her nails are always a great color, too.

christmas break has officially started for me!
i'm out and about finishing up my procrastinated shopping.



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