Monday, December 19, 2011

if a dress could kill...

this one would do the job.

i can't decide if its the ammmazing back and color of this dress...
or it just being on a model with perfect porcelain skin and rockin red hair?

but it's an outstanding dress.

i found in on the sidetab of a website for an ideeli ad...
i belong to ideeli, and granted i don't visit everyday, but i missed this sale!!

i tried googling around to find who makes it but i'm strapped for time and couldn't find it in my preliminary searches...
anyone know?
spill it.



  1. Yes! Great dress that can we worn 30 different ways. It has two long pieces of fabric that this model has wrapped around her shoulders and then tied behind her neck. I have it in the short knee-length version. Calypso made it years ago and now a brand called Le Tart makes it in many colors. They are on Gilt every few months!! Hope this helps!!

  2. oh! so helpful. thanks so much, lindley :)

  3. Jill, if you see this dress for purchase somewhere, PLEASE let me know! LOVE.