Monday, December 12, 2011

dear santa,

1-  miu miu sparkle tennies. also blogged about here. i heart them very, very much.

2-  a bright clutch. this cobalt blue one by clare vivier especially.

3-  remote control for my camera... would get lots-o-use.

4-  record player.

5-  those lamps. period.
found here.

6-  a vintage malachite and gold rolex found on overstock. for only $14k... and now i can't find it any longer. darn it... looks like someone grabbed it before i could ;)
so i'll settle for #7.

7-  dior mens watch. gold on gold on gold.

8-  crystal skull vodka for my bar.

9-  mounted african butterfly beauty.

10-  vintage fur coat.

11-  still looking for a christmas miracle... a brass tea kettle.
(this one is a french antique found here. and oh my goodness, it is so charming. exactly like the one i've dreamt up in my head. just not worth the $500 price tag.)

friends, what are you wishing for?



1 comment:

  1. Love everything on your list! I've been coveting a vodka-filled skull for some time now. I've seen them at Costco for $40.