Tuesday, December 6, 2011

remain neutral.

seriously, there is a serious misconception that black and brown don't go together.
if black/gray is a neutral and can go with anything,
and brown is a neutral and can go with anything...
why oh why can't they go together?

they can. and they do.
really well.

winter is kinda synonymous with duller, more neutral colors.
embrace them!
wearing a mix of gray, black and brown is far more interesting and textural than all black or all brown.
i've been sporting my black leggings with my brown boots lately like it's my job.
(partly because i like the look, partly because leggings are a gift from God)

but you know me, i crave color. so there have also been lots of hot pink lips :)

if you don't believe me. maybe you'll believe these:

pretty, huh?



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