Sunday, December 4, 2011

i was going to but i didn't.

i was going to do something sorta like this--

or this--

in white, tan, and mushroom.

then changed my mind because all the wood that used to be so very very present (i.e. the giant dark and looming built-ins and the dark and dingy trim) got painted white and suddenly there was no more.
so i liked this left alone in it's woodsy state.

i still liked the thought of the graphic flag somewhere, so i made this--
(my english uncle is going to be so happy!)

with paper from hobby lobby and a vintage brass frame.
i even used this to help make sure my jack was anatomically correct.

the mat is a dark brown that came with the frame, and i was either going to replace or spray it white but i think i like it the way it is.

my new fave color combo is gray/black with brown.
i have more to share on that in a bit.

i guess you can call this my november art.
darn. i fell off the wagon again.
but i have already made something else and have a bajillion other plans for more. i have to fill that wall. it looks lopsided as is. so i guess it's going to keep going in 2012.


{top images from sheridan french and design*sponge}

you can find jan, feb, march, april, may, june, july, and august here. then i stopped.

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  1. fun fun fun! keep going, but love the asymmetry happening right now :)