Tuesday, September 25, 2012

painted pumpkins.

we carve pumpkins every year.
just husband and i.

and usually bake the seeds... which is the best part of carving pumpkins!!

this year i'm really liking painted pumpkins.
even minus the seeds.

found these on babble.

in not so fall colors.
i think it's adorbs.

and here are some other options a la photoshop:

bold and pretty with mint and cobalt.
or neutral shades of grey.

and sorry i've been so absent.

some things in life are happening right now
and it really puts your life into perspective.

i don't want to dive in too deep because honestly, it scared the whole you-know-whats out of me... but things are looking better and not as scary and i'm thankful.

very thankful.

love you.
be back soon.


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